Workshop Harmony

January 30, 2016
Turkish dessert Orcun Malkcoclar

This past week, we were invited to a dinner party held at our good friends Elif and Orcun’s workshop, which is home to the two companies Onique and Craafts.

Both Craafts and Onique make dynamic, hand-made artisanal products from furniture to jewelry to bags to clothing, you name it.
In their workshop you wont find big, heavy, mass-producing machinery, but a few sewing machines and lots of needles and thread.

Craafts and Onique purses and hat

Onique purses, necklace and hat.

Each item is hand-made, intricate and perfected through attention to detail. One item can take days or even weeks to create, and no two pieces are exactly the same.

Craafts and Onique purses and hat

Onique purses.

They specialise in weaving, crocheting and knitting, with various types of materials. Their workshop is located in Florence, Italy, where you can visit and see for yourself their stock and  traditional methods.
Their designs have graced the runway shows of Prada, Cavalli and Alexander McQueen, just to name a few.

Craafts design dress models

Craafts dress models.

Aside from creating intricate, beautiful items for Onique and Craafts, Orcun is a renowned chef who has cooked all around the world.

Orcun Malkoclar

Orcun Malkoclar.

We were lucky enough to be invited for a dinner where he planned a menu that was diverse in texture, colour and taste, eerily echoing his clothing and bag designs.
Throughout the meal, you could really sense his Turkish roots, however, this was layered with Eurasian inspiration, which somehow tied together to create a both light and hardy combination.
What impressed me the most was his use of colour. The dishes looked like works of art, let alone tasted amazing. He was able to impress a table of sceptical Italians, that’s when you know it was good.

pickled red and green cabbage, heirloom carrots and winter greens served with umeboshi apricot vinaigrette

Pickled red and green cabbage, heirloom carrots and winter greens served with umeboshi apricot vinaigrette.

fava puree yogurt dill sauce

Fava puree yogurt dill sauce.

silver sequence dress

I was curious about the recipes because I wanted to recreate them at home, but when I asked him, I was told to “wait for the book!”
Orcun is working on his cookbook, which is planned to be out by the end of this year. It is titled Harmony, and I couldn’t think of a better word to describe the ambiance, food and environment of our dinner.

Castello di Farnetella Riserva

Christina pouring wine; a red sangiovese from Felsina, Castelnuovo Berardenga (Siena) – Castello di Farnetella Riserva.

tagliata over smoked eggplant with turmeric potatoes

Tagliata over smoked eggplant with turmeric potatoes.

baklava with cinnamon cardamom walnuts

Baklava with cinnamon cardamom and pistachios.

He takes balancing flavours and spices to a whole new level, while not ‘over-doing it’ and tainting your pallet.

Turkish meaetballs by Orcun Malkoclar

Turkish meatballs by chef Orcun Malkoclar.

Butternut squash soup with fresh ginger and caramelized carrots

Butternut squash soup with fresh ginger and caramelized carrots.

For more information about Craafts, Onique or Orcun’s book, Harmony feel free to inbox us!