Winter Wine Horoscope 2016

January 22, 2016
Wine horoscope winter 2016

We’re well into winter and the new year, so why not start off fresh by trying a new wine that is compatible with your sign? Below are some great wine and sign pairings, especially picked for the cold, winter months. Wine horoscope:


You’re like the hippie/ flower child of the zodiac, super generous and bohemian. Use this winter to really focus on your career rather than travel, which you LOVE doing, but when you need a break from work, opt for a Monbazillac Chateau San Christof, which has French floral notes, trust me, you will really like it. Don’t worry, there are big things ahead of you this winter! Pair this wine with a cheesecake… actually any light cheese will go well with it.


Hardworking and loyal, sometimes you can be shy, but that’s a good thing since some will view you as an enigma. You are also very self – assured, but be careful since you could come off as a ‘know-it-all’. Saturdays usually tend to be your favourite day, so why not pop open a bottle of Riesling this Saturday? We recommend: Val di Cembra Cantina Cendra Riesling. This wine goes well with a cheesy risotto, especially with pecorino cheese.

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Gemini, you can always find beauty in everyday things, and hate when things are over-done or over-the-top. Curious to know which is your winter wine twin? Well, it must exude creativity and be dynamic, while also being a bit mischievous …like you. A Pinot Grigio from Sudtirol, Alto Adige, like San Michele e Pan is your winter wine twin! It has a light, airy scent to it that you will especially appreciate. Since your ruling zodiac body part is the lungs, you really appreciate fresh air and being outside. The Alps between Italy and Austria (where this wine is from) is like paradise for you. Try pairing this pinot grigio with spicy meatballs or a nice risotto.


Ok, sometimes you are a little fussy, or… a lot fussy! So it’s important that we recommend you a perfect wine! Try a Berlucchi Brut; don’t be skeptical (because you sometimes are!) This spumante will surprise you. Its characteristics match yours; it is elegant, sophisticated and effortless. It’s great on its own or also paired with light and delicate fish, and since your ruling zodiac body part is the digestive system and inner organs; you tend to not like heavy, complex foods. This light, bubbly wine will become a favourite of yours!


Like it or not, admit it Scorpio, you are obsessive and dark (at least a little bit). You can be considered the most intense sign of the zodiac. Let’s be real, a light, white wine just won’t do for you, however, a Super Tuscan Lucente Montalcino would. It’s dark, mysterious and imperfectly beautiful, just like a Scorpio. Made from both sangiovese and merlot grapes, this wine has spent 12 months in French Oak barrels to gather big aromas. Pair with red meat, obviously.


You need a rule breaking wine to trump you! Try Spumante Altalanga Banfi, Cuvee Aurora Rosé. It’s fun and bold and the colour will impress you. Just make sure this winter to not be too stubborn, just pour yourself a glass of vino to try and laugh off the small things that may annoy you in the upcoming months, including the weather, since you are defiantly not a cold weather person. Your ruling body part is the heart, so I think you will enjoy this pinkish-red rosé.


Calm down this winter. Sometimes you tend to put too much pressure on yourself! Relax, your personality is naturally exciting to others and many consider you a good friend. Your ruling zodiac body part is the head, so you tend to be a natural leader, but remember to take a break sometimes! You deserve a high quality Riserva! We recommend for you a Vernaccia di San Gimingano Guicciardini Strozzi. Pair it with fish, or even meat that’s not over cooked, like roast beef. Lastly, just remember to not cause too much drama this winter 😉 .


Lucky Libra, you probably have a hard time choosing wines since you are so indecisive. Let me make it easier for you; your match for the cold months is a prosecco. Since you are naturally very social, but by no means a ‘loud mouth’, this bubbly wine is the perfect harmony of dry and fruity. You need a wine as adventurous, engaging and gracious as you are, try a Prosecco Valdobbiadene, Santa Eurosia, Brut. (Brut means that the residual sugar is either none or very minimal, I prefer Brut over Dry or Extra Dry.)

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Clean and simple elegance is what Cancerians love. You are considered a big dreamer but sometimes you can be a bit too suspicious of others. A great wine for a Cancer is a French wine from Côtes de Provence. It could be the perfect pair to help you relax from sometimes being too ‘motherly’. This red wine has a long-lasting, silky flavour with notes of spice, vanilla and licorice. It’s traditional but with a twist, exactly like you Cancer! We recommend Côtes De Provence Lune Rouge Bastide des deux lunes. Have it with mature or hard cheese or heavy meats like beef or lamb.


Resourceful and persistent, you make a great boss. Just be careful not to give into your inner laziness, or else it will be hard to shake off. You are actually a really down-to-earth person, obviously being an earth sign, despite sometimes being very materialistic. You need an earthy wine that’s top quality and renowned… your winter wine is a Brunello di Montalcino. We recommend Brunello di Montalcino Castel Giocondo, it won’t disappoint, and make sure to pair it with rich meat or fish, like sword fish or red tuna.


Many won’t notice right away, but you are actually quite unique and intelligent. You tend to downplay your intellect and humor – stop doing that! You are bold, friendly, progressive and sometimes a little ‘off beat’. The best wine to go with all of your dynamic characteristics is I Balzini Blacklabel D’Isanto. It’s unpredictable, just like you Aquarius! It’s a new wine product that is the result of a lot of attention and care from the D’Isanto family, there’s no other wine like it. The grapes are harvested by hand and are 50% cabernet sauvignon and 50% merlot grapes. This wine has very refined tannins that you will enjoy.


You are quick on your feet and sometimes a bit too clever. You love dreaming, but sometimes have trouble bringing out your creative side. Don’t be scared, it will come out eventually! When it comes to food and wine, you tend to like fruity and sweet flavours. Your winter wine is a Barbera d’Alba Hilberg Pasquero, it has intense sweet flavours of cherry and plum, but also has a smoky background of black pepper and tobacco. This red wine is vivid and anything but bland.