Wine Horoscope Summer Solstice

July 2, 2016
horoscope summer

On the tail of the summer solstice, we thought it would be a good time to give you your summer wine horoscope!


This summer will bring a lot of mystery for you, Libra. Embrace the unknown! This is also the time for you to be extra generous, you will be rewarded in many ways. Why not share a bottle of French Bordeaux wine, like Trocard Monrepos Bordeaux Superieur? It’s fruity with scents of candied cherries and smoked wood. It also has scents of damp northern forest. Tastes of black pepper and tobacco and is pretty tannic and well-balanced. It’s hard to find a good French wine for this price! Since this period brings uncertainty for you, try to live everyday as if it’s your last, be adventurous. You are naturally lucky, so don’t be too nervous about what’s next for you. You are also a lover of anything beautiful, so this interesting wine label will appeal to you!

trocard monrepos bordeaux


You may be coming down from a high from spring, but take this time to relax and take things slow. Don’t rush anything and always double think about choices coming up this summer. Don’t make any rash decisions. This summer you may also be strapped for cash, so think of budget friendly, little vacations. Be creative with this, and don’t buy unnecessary material things. Live simple this summer. A great (budget friendly but luxurious) wine to try is Alain Robert & Fils Vouvray Brut, it’s delicate with scents of tree fruits like green apple and pear. Fresh and very dry. The price is incredible low for this quality. It’s a must have in your fridge.

alain robert brut blanc


This summer will be tough for you Scorpio, I’m sorry to say it. There is not much time for relaxing in your forecast, you are quite busy this summer, whether it be with family, friends or work, you will always have something to do! This summer, try to fit in time for yourself. Sit back, relax and enjoy a glass of Castello di Monsanto Chianti Classico Riserva. This wine is very well-balanced, acidic and tannic while at the same time, supported by amazing flavours. A great Chianti! Black cherry and tobacco are very prominent. Don’t worry about sharing since this summer you will be giving enough of yourself to others so you deserve some ‘me’ time. Also, don’t worry, The New Moon on July 4th should allow you to find what you’ve been searching for. The answer could be from a friend who has just returned from vacation.

monsanto chianti classico


You usually love spending summer surrounded by friends and family. You are not one who enjoys too much time to yourself, so this summer why not share a bottle of sparkling Spanish cava? I suggest organizing a BBQ or lunch party. Up until now you may have felt a bit lost, but starting from NOW, the Venus and Neptune trine will bring a new love interest in your life. At first you will feel a bit awkward because it seems as though, this person can read your mind. Loosen up this summer. The cava we suggest for your BBQ is Mascaro Pure Reserva Brut Nature. You can tell it’s aged, it has a juicy, sweet background to it. Not as crisp as a non-riserva, but still fresh. Hints of citrus and forest fruit jam.

mascaro pure spanish cava


This summer is your time for adventure Gemini! It’s time to switch up your dual personality, change your old work focused self into your free-spirited, adventurous self, and leave work thoughts and responsibilities behind (that’s the mindset for the winter months)! Since it’s your time to try new things and open your mind to learning, make sure to explore sparkling rosé wines this summer. I know, I know, they’re not your favourite go-to wine, but either way if you explore this wine culture, you will either find your new favourite wine or learn that you dislike it, but at least understand it! (learning experiences!) We suggest Borgo Maragliano Giovanni Galliano Brut Rosé, it’s a crisp rosé that is very dry and isn’t too fruity or sweet. This will defiantly impress dinner guests – pair with sushi!

giovanni galliano rosé


You’re naturally optimistic Aries. Spend this summer looking for new experiences and take chances, like applying for a new job or something simpler like buying a lottery ticket. With whatever comes your way, celebrate, or lose nerves, by opening a bottle of Pulcino Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva. It’s quite fresh but slightly tannic. beautiful scents of tobacco and blackberry. You will like it because all the flavours are very well balance. Read more about Vino Nobile in our article Bomarzo Monsters. Back to your horoscope; just be careful with communication this summer, you might end up saying the wrong thing in an important situation. Take risks this summer, but just not with words.

pulcino vino nobile


There’s no doubt this summer that you will spend some time at the beach, but you’re not one to bake in the sun, you will be found refreshing in the water. If the Mediterranean sea happens to be too far of a trek for you this summer, a saltwater pool will still do the job. Relax seaside (or poolside) with a tall, cold glass of northern Italian white wine. Let your creative juices flow this summer and make something. You’re naturally artistic so it won’t be hard. Be inspired by your intuition. The Northern Italian white we suggest is; Cembra Cancor Riesling. It’s definitely different. Unique with scents of synthetic, petroleum, but in the most alluring, non- threatening way possible. Many flavours of exotic fruits, like passion fruit and over-ripe banana.

cembra vinga cancor riesling


This summer you will be going through a roller coaster of emotions. You will go back and forth through periods of rest and periods of stress and being over-worked. Try to bring balance to your life in little ways this summer to keep yourself sane. A hobby could start paying for itself this summer, or you might stubble upon some resources that will become profitable. Keep your eyes peeled. Once your cash flow arrives, why not treat yourself and try opening a bottle of Ruffino Greppone Mazzi Brunello di Montalcino? The only way to describe this ultra lux wine is, ‘it’s a world’.

tenuta greppone mazzi ruffino


This summer Cancer, you will experience a feeling of being ‘re-born’. It will be a chance for you to start again, and think about something in a new way. This could pertain to finances, living situations or work. Also, take some time for yourself and don’t worry too much about what other think. You always think too much about others and not yourself. This is your time to turn around and come out stronger. Since you love the water, why not spend sometime seaside? Open a sparkling rosé like Colle Bereto Colle B Brut Rosé. It has fresh scents of strawberries, lime and grapefruit. Light but crisp. The colour is more rose gold than pink and would go great with any light meal along the sea.

colle b rose


I’m sure you have heard this before, but you have an addictive personality. Addiction is never a good thing, this summer try to beat an addiction that you may have. Try to explore nature more this summer and get out of your tech-crazed life. This summer your funny side will come out, others will love laughing with you. Why not have a couple of laughs over a glass of Borgo Maragliano Francesco Galliano Blanc de Blancs, it’s a spumante that is really dry and delicate. It evokes the same feeling of standing outside in northern Canada at night in January, perfect for a really hot day! Super refreshing but has buttery notes.

borgo maragliano vino


These are your months Leo. The hot summer heat is what you live for. Take full advantage of this and get outside, but I suggest to stay away from the beach if you can this summer, and look towards vacationing in the mountains or woods. Also two things could happen to you this summer, you fall in love, or you will get your heart-broken. Guard yourself, because either one will really impact your emotions this summer. Keep your heart safe this summer, don’t wear it on your sleeve. The summer wine for you is a French white wine! Try Empreinte Du Cléray Pouilly-Fumé Sauvion, it’s from Upper Loire in France and is a great blend of elegance and casual summer flavours. However, any French white wines this summer will do for you.

Empreinte Du Cléray Pouilly-Fumé Sauvion



Aim your bow and arrow wisely this summer Sagittarius, because there could be some ups and downs in the near future. Pick your battles. This summer you are especially good at communicating your thoughts and ideas in a professional way, take advantage of this. Start strategically planning now any career moves or finances, because this will come in handy by the end of summer. A good wine that will help you relax and not put too much of strain on those finances is a prosecco. We suggest; Nino Franco Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Brut. It pairs best with rich fish like salmon or tuna, shellfish, mature/hard cheese, or just great with any apertizers and snacks, we suggest to drink as an Aperitif.

nino franco brut