Wine Horoscope – Spring 2016

April 28, 2016
horoscope versavino

The freshest season of the year is in full bloom, and it’s a great season to try new things and search for new passions.

What a great time to try a new wine! We have your new favourite wine compatible with your sign in our Spring Wine Horoscope 2016.



Okay, you may think that lately you have been taking it quite easy, but you needed the break. Be prepared to work over time this spring so hopefully you will be able to relax again come mid-summer. Plan to do a lot of outdoorsy activities this season, the fresh air will do you good! Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus on April 28th, this will give you time to take a second look at domestic and money issues coming up this spring. Drink a Champagne André Clouet Rosé No. 3. This ‘not so cheap’ champagne has a  beautiful colour of light salmon, and its super fancy perlage tastes like strawberry, raspberry and almond, you’ll want more.

Champagne Andre Clouee Rose No 3



You’re quite good at hiding your fragile interior Virgo, with your loud, confident exterior. Always stylish, you really value when things look ‘put together’ and ‘fashionable’. You will really be drawn to this wine, Colle Bereto Brut Rosé, not just because of the stylish name, but also because of the fancy and loud surface. This spring, when you are feeling down or stressed out, throw on some bright pastel colours (this spring you are really into Rose Quartz and Serenity, Pantone’s colours of 2016) and get out there.

Colle Bereto brut rose



You’re confident but in a quiet way, sometimes very timid but that doesn’t define you. You can get annoyed easily, especially of loud, talkative people, but try to brush it off this spring and just relax and don’t take others (and yourself) too seriously. A wine to help ease your over-active thinking this spring is a Val Cerasa Etna Rosso. Its flavours are fruity and tannic, harmonic and pleasant. Wines like this one, from ungrafted vines are rare. The discovery of this area and wine, is volcanic. This spring start to really focus on your health, try to eat healthy food and stay away from rough/extreme sports.

Val Cerasa Etna rosso



Your style is modern but classic. You always think things through very thoroughly and you’re a quiet leader (the best kind). This spring, lay low, try to calm down a bit and plan a relaxing vacation for this upcoming summer. While doing this, you may want to drink a Nebbliolo Carema, which has a charming colour that is a brilliant ruby orange and has transparent scents of rocks, minerals and graphite. Its complexity is very drinkable. Remember, this spring is the time to bring out your inner child, this time of the year you are more creative and daring, so utilize this time.



Stop being so worried all the time! This spring if full of exciting and fun endeavours. You are full of passion and really put care into everything you do, you will really appreciate a Cava Gran Riserva Recaredo Terrers, which has a background of sweet, overly ripe grapes. The work behind this bottle is full of passion, all the sophisticated flavours that you will find here are the result of hard work, and you have those same characteristics! Great things are coming if you just wait. Remember that others take time to understand how amazing you are. Your motto for spring is “act locally, think globally”.

Cava Recaredo Terrers Gran Reserva



Overall you are a really good person, meaning; you have a very kind and caring heart. Sometimes you can be old-fashioned and stubborn but that’s what makes you unique, and keeps you from following the crowd. Even though you don’t like change, try to be more open to new ideas this spring. Look at it as making a fresh start to something, try to forget old ideologies. I’m sure a Falanghina di Roccamonfina Vendemia Tartiva, it will get you excited… since one of your characteristics is that you excite quite easily. This wine has scents of white flowers, white pear, white peach and unripe banana. It comes from a quiet, old village, on a small mountain between Napoli and Roma, but the small mountain is actually a silent volcano that gives this land very special characteristics, a world full of wonder under its genuine and elegant surface.

Falanghina Roccamonfina



Always quick on your feet, Pisces is feisty but totally stable. You are a pretty balanced person and you need others to be balanced as well. A well-balanced wine of Merlot, Syrah and San Giovese grapes that comes from a small island with a rock solid identity, is Elba Rosato Acquabona. It’s not easy to find a rosé wine where the colour is so closely related to the scents and the tastes of the wine. It goes well with anything spicy, a flavour you really love. This spring add more spice to your life and try a good Elba Rosato Acquabona. Try to relax, summer is coming soon, because I know that you can’t wait until the hot weather comes.

Elba rosato acquabona



This spring and upcoming summer Capricorn, you will have an even bigger surge of bravness than usual (you are usually quite brave). You are easy to recover from a fall, you usually pick yourself up and brush it off like nothing happened. Remember to learn from your falls, not just forget them. A great pick-me-up this spring is a Crémant d’Alsace Allimant-Laugner. This wine is vibrant and elegant, and is formed from a deep and solid tradition. It’s closely connected to its territory, and its very self-confident.

Cremant d Alsace Allimant-Laugner



Leo the lion loves meat, let’s be real, you’re not a salad and green tea person. A great wine for a fiery Leo to pair with meat is a Priorat Les Crestes. Your forecast for spring is to take care of your rage. Try not to get angry easily. Your high-energy and self defensiveness can sometimes be intimidating to people. This time of the year you are especially grounded, and keep an eye out for untrustworthy people, even those closest to you should not fully trust this year. The Priorat Les Crestes is very strong, fruity and smooth. It can turn your head really red or knock you down, it all depends on your mood and the food you pair it with, red meat is a good match.

Priorat les crestes



Finally winter is over and spring has sprung, this means beach season soon (your favourite season)! A great wine to drink while relaxing seaside is Cava Juvé & Camps Brut Rosé. Scents of sweet strawberries, and has a colour that is really intense, not a pale pink rose but a glowing light red. It’s never too early for beach season for you! This spring an unresolved feeling lingers in your heart and it won’t go away until you address it, the best way to release this is to talk about it with someone you really trust.

Juve y Camps brut rose



You love working behind the scenes, your more of a director than a movie star. Sadly, sometimes you can feel forgotten because you are not always loud, and outgoing. Don’t let it get to you, remember that your role is very important to others, even though they may not admit it or realize it right away. You bring balance to most of your relationships, however, when someone else is very unbalanced, you have a hard time dealing with them and getting through the problem. Stay strong, it may take a while, but slowly everything we come together. Make sure this spring you stay balanced and establish a good equilibrium between your relationships and work. Try this ultra balanced wine Monsanto Chianti Classico Riserva. This wine is a product of very old traditions, thus it’s very well-balanced. Its quality is out of discussion, definitely a safe bet for a traditional Tuscan red, from a place that is not as famous as Montalcino or Bolgheri.




On the 29th, your planet Venus enters Taurus. From now on until summer, expect life to become slower paced, less dramatic and more comfortable, this is a really relaxing season for you. If you come up with a great idea this spring, don’t share it or tell anybody. Go ahead with it on your own, you’ll understand immediately who believes in you and appreciates your thinking. Since it will be such a relaxing spring for you, why not sit back and try a white wine like Pepestrino from Felsina Berardenga Toscana. It’s easy to pair this wine. It’s great for relaxing and is an easy ‘go to’ staple white wine. This is your no-brainer for your laid-back spring and upcoming summer.

Pepestrino - Felsina Berardenga Toscana