Wine horoscope fall 2015

September 23, 2015
wine horoscope

We all know each horoscope sign has certain characteristics and traits associated with it, but so does wine. Why not find out which type of wine is compatible with your sign? We have even added some specific recommendations so you not only know the type, but now have a specific recommendation. Find your wine below!


We recommend for your sign



To go along with your impatient, fiery, energetic attitude, a nice Amarone del Valpolicella will pair well. You thrive off of excitement and adventure and love physical activity. Sometimes you are a bit vain but that’s only because fire and Mars rule you, so daring and red define you! We recommend: Amarone Classico Le Origini Bolla. 


Okay…. You are way too obsessed with beauty. Try to look inside sometimes! Practical, patient and strong-willed, a Bolgheri Reserva is your fit. This wine speaks to your self-indulgent and luxury loving traits. This wine is rich and earthy to match with Taurus, an earth sign. You tend to like strong, dominant flavours because your not one to be light and watered-down. You never follow trends or in-style brands, however, you do appreciate quality and richness. We recommend: Batzella Mezzodi Bolgheri 2011.


Leo is known as the king of the zodiac. Your ego is huge but so is your heart. You love to be the center of attention and admired for your kindness. A wine to fit well with your sunny personality would be a Vermentino Toscana. The slight royalty connected with this wine connects to your personality. Bring this wine to your next dinner party and prepare to be complimented on your generosity. We recommend: Poggio Barbone Vermentino di Toscana La Mora as a more affordable suggestion. 


You are a centaur: half animal, half human. You are free roaming and rebellious. You are active like fire but also can sometimes be a bit aggressive. Jupiter is your ruling planet so it is no surprise that you like big, open spaces to explore. As a highly optimistic person, a Morelino di Scansano would satisfy your dual tastes, after all you are a split between wild and tamed. We recommend: Podere 414 Morellino di Scansano. 


Ahhh the romantic sign. What better wine to suggest to you than a lovely Rosé. Peace loving, gentle and charming, you can never take a side between arguing friends. White or red… we know you love both so that is why rosé is the wine for you! Be careful though, it is hard to come by a good rosé. Don’t get sucked into a pretty label, since one of your biggest weaknesses is falling for outer beauty. We recommend: Château Saint Pierre Les Vignes Corbiéres from Bordeaux, France OR Antinori Guado al Tasso Scalabrone Bolgheri Rosato from Italy. 


Shy and introverted, Capricorn might just be the most intelligent sign, however, you are so humble sometimes people wont notice. You are resourceful and sincere and have a great respect for tradition. Bells and whistles will not woo you; you are far too wise for that. You need a classic, traditional wine without all the frills. A Chianti Colli Senese won’t disappoint you since its flavours are rooted in tradition and are considered timeless. Other signs envy you for not giving in to beauty, it’s quality your after. We recommened a Brunello di Monalcino, like; Biondi Santi Reserva or Castello di Farnetella Chianti Colli Senesi Riserva. 


Curious to know your wine? Of course you are, that’s one of your main traits! Since you are so modern and hate following the crowd, the perfect match for you is an unpredictable one; Ice Wine. A dessert wine made from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine, this wine is a rarity. Drink after dinner to help digest or have as a dessert since it’s so sweet. Ice Wine will go well with your sometimes cold personality. Try some Icewine and let us know how you like it, go ahead, be frank! Who am I kidding, of course you will! We recommend: Winters Kiss Riesling. This wine is from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, so it may be harder to find. You can also look for Ice Wines from Germany, which may be more common depending on where you live.


Outgoing Gemini is ever changing. How to keep up with you and all of your personalities? You are not one to stay in during the weekend and your also not one to get over emotional. Novelty is something that interests you, so you usually go for a wine with an artistic label. Since you are always seeking ‘the best of the best’ why not give into your curiosity for Northern Italian White wines, like a white Friuli? This isn’t your stereotypical Italian wine, but it should satisfy all of your tastes. We recommend: Ribolla Gialla Livio Felluga.


This is easy. Barolo. The wine for you is a good Barolo. You are a perfectionist and can really appreciate work done well. You are independent and sometimes fussy. Surprises and spontaneity are not for you. Sometimes you are quiet and introverted, a real “salt of the earth” sign. However, your charm and dignity are matchless. All of this is why Virgo’s deserve a classic Barolo. We recommend: Terre da Vino Barolo. 


You belong in the water! Dream loving and generous and sometimes too emotional, Pisces make great friends and are usually very popular. Your wine needs to come from the sea, a Greek Island White fits you, but you already knew that because you are almost psychic. So next time you are surrounded by friends, consider this white wine, you will love the taste of the sea that comes out. We recommend: Moraitis Meltemi Dry White (from the island Paros) or Arepi Santorini (from Santorini). 


Cancerians love the sea, and don’t be surprised if they have a seashell collection. The connection to the sea and moon make them extremely emotional and nurturing. This sign loves to give and are great as teachers. Sometimes unpredictable, this sign is always loyal. Cancer, you deserve an amazing white wine that encompasses the sea in the bottle. The wine for your sign is a Vermentino di Gallura – enjoy on the seaside. We recommend: Argiolas Vermentino di Sardegna Costamolino. 


The colours connected to Scorpio are deep red and black, so naturally a white wine would not fit you… at all. You are possibly the most powerful, mature and mysterious sign, therefore, you need a strong, aged red wine to match you, like a serious Chianti Rufina Reserva, who is just as deep and intense as you. Surely you can manipulate your friends into having a glass with you. We recommened: Nipozzano Reserva or Frescobaldi Chianti Rufina Vigneto Montesodi Castello di Nipozzano.