Wine Horoscope – Autumn 2016

September 25, 2016
Versavino horoscope fall 2016

Since the autumn equinox is officially behind us, what better time than now to read your Wine Horoscope – Autumn 2016?! Read on to see if your horoscope this fall matches a wine from Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Germany or Portugal.


This is your time of the year Libra, as you are clearly obsessed with balance (especially between your work and personal life). As the autumn equinox comes into the season, this will help you find the equilibrium that you were missing all summer. Night and day will be of equal length, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel a rush of energy, and feel refreshed especially in the month of September. Take advantage of this healthy time in your life and enjoy a wine that you would otherwise never opt for, go out of your comfort zone this fall and try new things, because this is the right time! We suggest a  refreshing German Riesling white wine, like Weingut Robert Weil – Riesling Kabinett Trocken. It’s out of the box and unusual, it’s nothing like you’ve ever tried before. There are eucalyptus and raspberry aromas that are delicate and fresh, with hints of mint. Very well-balanced. Pair with a fresh scampi risotto with saffron.

Weingut Robert Weil Rheingau Riesling Kabinett Trocken



This season is full of the colour and flavours that you love Capricorn! You’re an earth sign, so as the weather changes, you change to adapt. This season you might feel yourself shying away from nights out with friends and being more timid than usual, which is strange because you have a really ambitious attitude. Invite a couple close friends over and enjoy a nice night in. Since I know how practical you are Capricorn, I suggest trying a red organic Italian wine, like Vino di Nonno Berto Rosso.  It’s a ‘no frills’ wine that is great quality without the fancy label or name. This wine is quite hard to get, so incase you can’t make it to Italy to buy it, I suggest searching your own local organic wine producers for your new fall favourite. Keep an eye out for Vino Novello too this season.

Vino di nonno berto rosso prodotto da Alberto Fatticcioni


Breathe, slow down, and reflect. This is your time Scorpio, your birthday season! Make sure to celebrate your favourite time of the year, but also remember to relax. This is a particularly stressful and confusing time for you, so take the time to really understand what’s important to you. Try an Italian Tuscan white wine this season (since red will be for all winter long) like Donna Carlotta Terre di San Gorgone. We referenced this wine in the article: Cristina di Belgiojoso – Intimate and Nomadic Life in the Orient.  The best thing that you can do for yourself (and your sanity) this fall is to find a hobby that you love and make time each week for it, like loosing your self in a good book with a glass of wine. Around the beginning of October, something that you have predicted, will happen, you’re exceptionally ‘psychic’ around this time.

Donna Carlotta terre di san Gorgone IGT


Definitely the most energetic person of your friend group, you’re always ready to travel and explore. Fall could be a great time for you to find travel deals, since it’s usually not high tourist season anyway. Look into flight deals from mid-October until the end of November. Taking a trip (no matter how long or far) could be just what you need at this moment to clear your mind, and also satisfy your travel bug. While you’re traveling, why not try the local wines. One exotic wine I suggest for you is a Portuguese white wine, we suggest Monte da Ravasqueira – Viognier, it goes great with shell fish and has really crisp flavours – it will be a way for you to hang on to the last tastes of summer.

Monte da Ravasqueira Wine Alentejano from Portugal


Taurus, this is the period to clear the clutter. Get rid of things that you don’t use, or that are weighing you down. Also, let go of the expectations that people have forced onto you, and follow your own dreams. It will be hard for you, but really try to communicate with those who are really important to you. Find time for friends and family who are really close, and share a bottle of something familiar like a classic Portuguese Alentejano red wine. We suggest Tapada de Coelheiros. You will really appreciate the artistic label and creative blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Aragonez and Trincadeira grapes. You are particularly creative in this moment so take advantage of this at work. Don’t be shy to share new ideas or opinions. Take advantage now because you may find that this creative burst will die down come mid-winter.

Tapada de Coelheiros Alentejano wine from Portugal


Rest up now Pisces, because this winter will be a crazy one. This fall will be like the calm before the storm. Rest up this fall, since you love being outdoors, take in the fall colours and get outside. Since your feet are your ruling body part, to relax or become inspired, go for a walk or run – get them moving. Try this nature inspired wine: Vino del Contadino. It’s a rosé wine from Isola  del Giglio, an Italian island off the coast of Tuscany. It’s very fresh and unique. Rosé’s this fall, will be your go to wine. On a side note, start planning for the future, the more you have planned and organized, the less overwhelmed you will feel later. As there’s a new moon coming into October, around this time you’ll feel a burst of energy and a surge in your communication skills.

Vino del Contadino isola del Giglio Ansonica


You have been non-stop lately, and let’s just say your summer was not as relaxing as you hoped. This fall the chaotic trend will continue, but you can manage, since this chaos will eventually bring positive things into your life. Look forward to winter as this is when the chaos will subside. This fall opt for smoother, softer flavours to calm you down and put you into relax mode. Try an Italian Chianti Classico like Poggio Bonelli, made up of scent and flavours of thyme, wild berries and cherry. It’s well-balanced from the silky flavours coming from the French oak barrel. As the autumn equinox comes into effect this season, remember that balance is key. In Latin, the work equinox is composed of two words meaning equal and night. Remember to have equal balance between your work and personal life at this time.

Poggio Bonelli Chianti Classico


Beware of someone talking badly about you behind your back this season! To ease your mind, why not grab a glass of vino? Try a Spanish red Priorat wine. We suggest Planetes de Nin. Red is one of your favourite colours so this wine is defiantly your fall favourite. This wine is also a growing trend from Spain, it’s well-balanced, strong and interesting. Notes of spices and nuts, great for fall! Your lucky days are: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, if you happen to get an opportunity on one of these days, go for it! It will be worth the risk. Aries are usually quite vain, so try to be a bit less egotistic this season, you could ruin a friendship if you’re not careful. Overall, this is just the season to be very self-aware and alert, don’t let someone pull the wool over your eyes.

Priorat Planetes del Nin


It’s your time to take charge Virgo. Bite the bullet and go full force with a decision or responsibility that you face. All eyes are on you, so adopt a fearless attitude, even if you didn’t have one before, go for it. The combination of the new moon and the solar eclipse at the beginning of the season, will shake up your closest relationships. Make sure there is clear communication, or else issues that seem small now, will blow up into a bigger issue later this (or even next) year. Don’t forget to make some time for yourself this season, although it may be hard since you have so much going on, it’s still very important. Grab a glass of a white German Riesling and sit back and relax. We suggest: Schloss Vollrads Riesling Kabinett Trocken. The flavours of this wine include peach and apple, as well as many floral notes. It’s a great wine to sip on its own, or with light meat like pork or chicken, or alternatively with delicate fish.

Weingut riesling scholl vollrads kabinett trocken


You are trying to hang onto the last bits of summer, but there’s no denying that the cool weather is moving in. Welcome this change, because as the seasons change, friendship will too for you Leo. You will notice a friend close too you, slowly straying away. It’s ok, let them go. This is not the time to focus on friendship drama. Work on yourself this fall and also pay close attention to work opportunities, if you look hard enough, you will find many. Welcome the fall weather through a typical red Italian fall wine, a bold red for you is Felsina Ranchia Chianti Classico Riserva.  Made of 100% Sangiovese grapes, harvested by hand this wine is 18 -20 months in French oak barrels and then another 6-8 months aged in the bottle. It’s spicy, floral, intense and has some toasted notes, great for fall.

Felsina Rancia chianti classico riserva


Aquarius is always original. You are a classic, and just like you, Champagne is a no-brainer classic. Opt for a Pommery Champagne Brut Royal, it’s a good quality, basic entry-level Champagne, that won’t break the bank like more expensive brands (although it’s still a real Champagne and will cost a bit – but it’s well worth it). On that note; this fall, avoid over spending, be mindful of your financial situation. Expect the winter season to bring heavy decisions, knowing this, take the fall time to relax and free your mind. Aquarius usually loves to feed their mind with new knowledge and learning, do this, but with leisure – no pressure. Taking a care-free attitude is good for your health, this period is an optimal time for a diet detox so try to eliminate something you are ‘addicted’ to.

Champagne Pommery and italian lobster Lupicante



Usually around this time of the year, you start to feel stressed Gemini. There’s many things to plan for and fall usually means a lot more extra work for you, but I have good news, this is not the case for this year! It’s true you will have lots of things to do, but it will all come with a sense of ease and excitement this time around. Celebrate this exciting time with a colourful rosé wine. Rosé is definitely a celebratory type wine because of its colour that will automatically put you in a good mood. Lately we are really into Greek rosé wines (though French brands keep the spot of our favourite). We suggest you try Grampasas Sun Rosé from the Ionic island Zante. Pair it with a great seafood pasta.  Lastly, keep an eye out for an extra boost of cash later in the season.

Klima Grampsa rosè wine from Lagopodo Zante Greece