Vermentino di Sardegna: White Island Wines

September 8, 2015
Sardegna beach Cagliari

After Sicily, Sardegna is the second largest island in the mediterranean sea. Nestled between Italy, Africa and the French island Corsica, Sardegna’s culture is unlike any other and can overall be considered very wild.

We try to make at least 2 trips to Sardegna each year for the beaches, relaxing atmosphere and the cuisine.

Typical Sardinian cuisine takes inspiration from all of its surrounding countries. A typical pasta Fregola, is said to be inspired by the Arab couscous. Typical staple foods also include lots of beans, lentils, roasted meats – pig and lamb, and flat bread Pani Carasau. They also use a lot of cheese in their dishes such as Cavallo cheese and Salso cheese.

Even though they are surrounded by sea, fish is not a traditional food for Sardinians because in the past Sardinia was always prone to invasions by neighbouring lands, so the Sardinian people found refuge in the mountains.

exploring wild Sardegna

Exploring the south west of Sardegna

Therefore, the traditional foods were always majorly influenced by the land rather than the sea.


We recommend from Sardegna



White wines made by the Sardinian Vermentino grape, might just be our favourite type of white wine. Vermentino of Sardinia are usually a bit salty, dry, fruity with a slightly bitter aftertaste. The Vermentino grape needs to be close to the sea in order to be successful, the mixture of salty air and island sun make Sardinian Vermentino wines unique.

Sardinian Red wines have a huge Spanish influence. The full-bodied red Cannonau is the wine of choice to pair with roasted Sardinian lamb or pork.

If you enjoy white wines, you MUST try a Vermentino di Sardegna. After you try it, let us know what you think. Below are some wines we suggest:

Mesa - Opale Vermentino 2013

Mesa – Opale Vermentino 2013

Palmalias - Vermentino 2014

Palmalias – Vermentino 2014

Mesa - Giunco Vermentino Di Sardegna 2013

Mesa – Giunco Vermentino Di Sardegna 2013

Argiolas- Vermentino di Sardegna Costamolino 2014

Argiolas- Vermentino di Sardegna Costamolino 2014