Truffle festival of San Miniato

November 15, 2015
Truffle market and exhibition in San Miniato

Today we went to the truffle market festival of San Miniato.

It’s a really great experience. Very crowded, but you are still able to have fun. Touristic, but not as much as San Gimignano.

This little town is very pretty, and the event has a long history. Today we hiked up to the famous tower of Frederick II (13th century), where we had a great view to see an amazing sunset.

Sunset in san miniato next to the Frederick II tower

Sunset at San Miniato next to the Frederick II tower.

San Miniato is on top of hill, surrounded by several other hills, in a beautiful area along the Arno river, between the Tirreno sea, and not far from the Appennini mountains.

This combination makes magnificent soil for white truffle.

Around the village you can find all kinds of hand-made products.

Cook cutting salame in San Miniato

You can buy a lot of typical products related to truffle, like salame, cheese, oil.

In the main square is the real truffle exhibition market, where ladies wearing tonnes of jewellery, and elegantly dressed men, will exhibit and sell their best truffles.

White truffle is €2000, €3000 or even more per Kg. It’s expensive and rich, and this is why everybody is dressed up to sell it.

Truffle market in san miniato

Vendors presenting their white truffles in San Miniato.

We bought a little piece, and we learned that white one should be coloured inside in order to be considered good and tasty. The bigger, the more expensive.

We also bought some black one (scorzone) which is significantly cheaper, but still very good.

White truffle and oil

Our white truffle at home, ready to grate on top of the hand-made tagliatelle

Once you have your little truffle, it’s a real joy to smell it, and to grate it on fresh-hand made pasta. Yes, you need to eat it with fresh hand-made pasta. And today we’re so lucky that somebody at home, was waiting for us, with exactly this.

Hand made pasta tagliatelle

Hand made pasta tagliatelle


We recommend with truffle

It’s really complicated to pair a wine with truffle. In San Miniato, there was also a little area with some wine tasting. One of the wines that we tried was very particular and is produced nearby San Miniato, and I feel that its particular flavour can be paired with the truffle, which also has a very uncommon and particular flavour.

Varramista 2008, is produced with 100% sirah grapes, this is not something common in Tuscany.

Varramista 2008 red wine

The wine is aged in oak barrels, and is slightly spicy and fruity. It’s very elegant, and because of this, it can pair well with truffle.

This wine and truffle is definitely something to try. It is an experience that will definitely leave an impression, and is one that you will only be able to find in the little streets of San Miniato and its charming countryside.

p.s. the event in San Miniato happens in mid-November / early December!