Prosecco in November at sunset

November 8, 2015
The sunset in November in Florence, from Ponte alla Carraia

Sunset from Ponte S.Trinita, in the center of Florence, is amazing.

It’s early November, and the cold has not arrived yet. The light gets intense yellow and fades to orange, reflecting on the Arno river and all the buildings along the Lungarni.

Sunset from Ponte alla Carraia Florence

The view from Ponte alla Carraia, looking toward the Ponte Vecchio, around 4pm in November.

Right after the sunset, is the perfect moment for a very Italian habit: the “aperitivo”.

Sunset from Ponte S Trinita in Florence

The lights after the sunset, looking west from Ponte S. Trinita


We recommend for a prosecco

Prosecco, is a word that is often abused. It’s often offered as aperitivo, but unfortunately its quality is not always adequate.

Prosecco is a DOCG spumante wine, produced with Glera grapes, and the Charmat method.

Valdobbiadene is a great area for Prosecco.

We had a Santa Eurosia Valdobbiadene Brut 2014, and it was just amazing. Very dry, fruity and with a pleasant background and aftertaste of citrus and green apple.

Santa Eurosia Valdobbiadene Brut 2014

Santa Eurosia Valdobbiadene Brut 2014.

A perfect bridge between your walk in the center, and your upcoming dinner.

You should not get a random prosecco. You should ask for a proper prosecco, with a specific origin from a DOCG area.