Romantic reds; wines for Valentine’s day

February 11, 2016
Best reds for valentines day

Love is in the air! What’s more romantic than a red wine?

Italian researchers proved it: red wine is sexy!

Want to impress a special someone, or just have a good time this Valentine’s day weekend? We’ve put together 5 romantic reds to try this Valentine’s day weekend.


We recommend these romantic red wines for Valentine’s day:


Toscana Soffocone Di Vincigliata  Bibi Graetz

Okay, this label is quite… romantic… if you know what Soffocone means in Florentine. Also, depending on which country you buy this wine in, the label might be different.

This sangiovese wine is actually quite elegant. It has intense flavours of plum and dark cherry, with notes of cassis, liquorice and vanilla. The tannins could be a bit overwhelming, however the acidity of this wine brings balance to its overall flavour. Definitely a romantic wine that would pair well with a dark chocolate that has flakes of chili pepper in it.

Soffocone di Vincigliata label

The “Soffocone di Vincigliata” sexy label.


Barbara d’alba Hilberg Pasquero 

This wine is pretty rare because it’s not so popular, however it’s very particular. Usually Barbara d’alba is a simple wine, but this one in particular will have something that will blow your mind (or someone else’s)! It has a silky quality to it, while still being fresh and not too bold. Flavours of strawberry and chocolate can be found in the undertones of this wine. This would go well with any milk or semi-sweet chocolate – especially if it has some tart fruit flavours mixed in with it.

Barbara d alba Hilberg Pasquero

Barbara d’alba Hilberg Pasquero.


I Balzini Gold Label 

The label on this bottle is actually made with real gold leaf that is stuck to the glass of the bottle. It is 100% Merlot, and its colour is intense ruby and very deep. It has soft and long-lasting tannins. A chocolate that has sea salt added to it would be the best pair for this wine. I guarantee that just the label will impress anyone!

I Balzini gold label

I Balzini gold label, the name is in real gold on the bottle.


Brunello di Montalcino Fattoria di Barbi (1997)

Strong and intense flavours make this a REAL Tuscan red wine.  The year you buy this wine is very important, an older wine, like from 1997, is great to really experience mature, bold and striking flavours that would otherwise not be there. Dark chocolate with pieces of orange would go well with the profound flavours of this wine and is sure to thrill.

Brunello di Montalcino 1997 Fattoria dei Barbi

1997 is a very special year for Tuscan wines. Brunello bottles from this year, are very special now.


Lune Rouge Bastide des Deux Lunes 

This french wine from Côtes de Provence Rouge has a deep purple colour and is spicy and sensual to drink. You might not realize at first how heavy this wine could actually be, until you finish your glass, or the whole bottle! To balance the intense, romantic characteristics of this wine, pair it with a chocolate that has floral notes, such as rose or lavender. A french macaroon would also do the trick ;).

Lune Rouge Bastide des Deux Lunes


These are just a few of our most romantic reds, whatever you drink this valentines day, we hope it’s extra special and sweet!

<3 <3 <3

Love, <3