Can you pair pizza and wine?

March 5, 2016
pizza and wine Champagne rosé

Depending on where you live, you may pair pizza with different beverages, but in Italy (the land that invented pizza), it is exclusively eaten with beer, not wine.

This habit was established because long ago pizza shops in Italy didn’t have a licence to sell liquor, including wine, however, they could sell cans of beer, thus creating a traditional pairing.

Even though pizza is mostly associated with beer or pop, it is totally possible to pair pizza and wine.

Pizza and wine can go perfectly together!

Pizza with red wine and chapagne

Pizza can be paired with red, white or bubbly wine, depending on the ingredients.

It’s really important that you match the right wine with the right pizza, because as we all know, not all pizzas are the same.

We have made pairings for popular pizzas:

We recommend for pizza and wine

Margherita (basil, mozzarella cheese or buffalo mozzarella with tomato sauce): Because of the cheesiness of this pizza, the flavours can be a bit greasy and fatty. Quench your thirst with a good prosecco or if you want to be really fancy, a good Champagne. This wine will enhance the flavours of the mozzarella.

Pizza margherita

Our favourite Pizza Margherita in Florence is made by Pizzaman on Via del Sansovino.

Napoli (cheese, tomato sauce, anchovies, capers and basil): The ingredients to this pizza have intense flavours that are really salty. Make sure to get a wine that can balance this out. You need a wine that doesn’t have intense flavours and that’s cold and fresh to appease the salinity. Pair with a Lambrusco, a red wine that is a bit fizzy and served chilled.

Pizza Bianca (no tomato sauce, cheese and/or potatoes and spices): Since this pizza is quite light, you need a wine that doesn’t have such a strong character. You can either go white or red on this one. For white we recommend a Portuguese Vinho Verde like Palacio da Brejoeira Alvarinho Vinho Verde, it’s slightly sweet and fizzy. For a red, opt for a Barbera d’Asti.

Barbera d Asti Camp du Rouss

This Barbera is a perfect pair for a Pizza Bianca.

Salame Piccante (Spicy salame and/or ham, tomato sauce and sometimes mozzarella): To calm your palate of this spicy and meaty pizza, we recommend a sweet white wine like a Riesling. Make sure to drink it very cold.

Riesling Schloss Vollrads

This riesling, with a very sugary background, would be a crazy good pair for spicy Salame Pizza. Its freshness and scents of exotic fruits will match the crunchy, spicy salame and create a unique experience.

Spicy pizza parmigiana melanzane

Spicy pizza with parmigiana and melanzane.