19 a le baracche con la bilancia

Osteria Vallentina

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Burson longanesi black label

A completely different wine; Burson

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Cristina di Belgiojoso – Intimate and nomadic life in the Orient

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Villa artimino dai cento comiglioli Ferdinanda Delfina

La Delfina in Artimino

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Autumn in the Appennini

By on November 12, 2016
Fishing at lagosanto

It’s so interesting how each region of Italy has its own unique flavours, typical foods and recipes. After days of hiking, we decided to eat lunch in Emilia and then eat dinner in Tuscany and compare how their mountain cuisine and wines differ.

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Wine Horoscope – Autumn 2016

By on September 25, 2016
Versavino horoscope fall 2016

Since the autumn equinox is officially behind us, what better time than now to read your Wine Horoscope – Autumn 2016?! Read on to see if your horoscope this fall matches a wine from Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Germany or Portugal.

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