Our Favourite Greeks

August 20, 2015
Greek islands

Vago's Studio

After a brief stop in Athens, we spent the rest of our vacation in Nafplio visiting family and friends. Apart from spending a lot of time at our favourite beach Kondili (Agios Nicolas) or exploring Mycenae and Epidaurus, we spent a fair amount of time eating and drinking with good company.

One night we went for dinner at our friend’s house, who is a very talented greek artist. This is where I tried for the first time Gourounopoulo, which is a slow roasted pig, it’s a very typical food from the Peloponnese region.

While having dinner we started talking about Greek wines and how some of them would have went great with our dinner. Typically, Greek dinners consist of a lot of meat (we also ate chicken souvlaki with our Gourounopoulo), however, we find that Greek white wines can still work well even with the meaty flavours of Greece.


We recommend from Greece


Here are some of our favourite Greek White Wines (in no particular order):

Arepi Hmitaykoe Eaahnika Keaaapia 2013
“Dry and fruity and a bit sweet”

Arepi wine

Vin De Crete Lyrarakis Crete Bhaana Vilana 2013
“Typical from a hot and dry land. Dry and summery.”

vin de crete

Santorini Dry White 2014
“The blue bottle represents all the scents that this wine acquired from the sea. It’s nice and dry as a Greek breeze in summer. It’s gets to the bottom of your tongue leaving a bitter and salty aftertaste. Drink it in the Greek islands at night in summer – If you de-contextualize it, it will loose it’s charm.

santorini dry white

Ean ∑iΓaaaε 2013
“Fresh and killer – easy to drink but be careful not to drink too much”

Ean greek wine

Amotino 2013
“Dry and light. Best with white fish. A good social table wine.”

amotino greek wine

Estate Hatzimichalis Dry Sec Trocken Poze Xatzhmixaah Rosé 2010
“Sweet, acidic, rough, volcanic and I like it.” Even though this is not a white, it’s a Rosé, I think it should still be mentioned because it was an interesting Greek wine.

rose greek wine