The hidden cyclade: Koufonisia

May 21, 2016
Heart shape Koufonisia

Extremely different from the popular Cyclades like Santorini, Paros and Mykonos, Koufonisia is a tiny island located very close to Naxos, the island is only 5.8 km2 and has one little village with a few hotels and shops, while the rest is beaches.

It’s so small that you can easily walk the whole island, this is great since you can’t rent a car there, only bikes, but I wouldn’t recommend it since most of the roads aren’t paved but are dirt roads.

We’re so in love with this island because it’s the ultimate Greek island to relax on. It still holds an authentic vibe, which many of the other islands have lost due to the mass amounts of tourism.

fishing boats Koufonisia

Fanos beach in Koufonisia at sunset

This island is ideal if you want to relax, see beautiful sunsets, beaches and have great food. So if you’re looking for night clubs, museums, sightseeing or beach clubs, this is definitely not the Cyclade for you.

Christina at sunset in front of windmill Koufonisia

Ferry boats to Koufonisia run from Athens or from other islands.

If you make it to this tiny piece of paradise,

we recommend in Koufonisia:


Capetan Nicolas

A great fish restaurant with an incredible view of the sea, Capitane Nicolas is our favourite restaurants on Koufonisia. You can go inside and see Capitane Nicholas himself sitting beside all the fresh fish that are the “catch of the day”.

Francesco and Capetan Nicolas

Francesco and Capetan Nicolas agreeing on the fish

grilled octopus Koufonisia

Souvlaki Sti Strofi (Located next to the main church)

Each year it seems that this small pick-up window from a small white house, gets busier and busier. You can order Gyros pita and the best Souvlaki ever. I can never eat just one. It’s probably one of the best gyros I’ve ever had.

Souvlaki Sti Strofi Koufonisia


Although there are no wines produced on this island, we were able to discover some great Greek wines that they sell there from neighbouring islands.

EAN Santorini greek wine

EAN is an elegant rosè wine from Santorini island. A very refreshing acidity, and the power of the Meltemi wind.

The colours of Koufonisia are magical.

view of Italida beach Koufonisia at sunset

view of Finikas rocks Koufonisia

with local people on Koufonisia

Swimming at Italida

window in greek house Koufonisia

Sunset from the Chora with windmill Koufonisia

Francesco at Finikas beach Koufonisia

fishing nets Koufonisia

Finikas Koufonisia beach

Christina and greek houses on Koufonisia

fishing boat at Koufinisia

The harbour of Koufonisia

Finikas Koufonisia

frappe at Italida Koufonisia

purple flowers and rocks at Finikas Koufonisia

fried anchovies at Catepan Nicolas

sunrise on Koufonisia

Christina in Koufonisia