I o n i c Kefalonia

September 10, 2016
the streets of argostoli with greek music

Kefalonia is the perfect island for a balance of nightlife/city and wild/ uninhabited. it also easy to reach, since it has an airport.

In the town, Argostoli, you can find many great restaurants, bars and shops.

The grape native to Kefalonia is Robola, but we struggled to find a good label for this wine.

Amongst the ones that we tried, we only liked was the Organic Robola from Robola Cooperative. We found it at a wine festival in Plateia Valliano (Argostoli square), a bottle was under 10 €.

As we were searching the streets of Argostoli to find a great place to have a glass of Greek wine, we noticed some tables where the people dining had nice wine glasses, that’s when we decided would try out Oinops Wine Bar.

It turned out to be a great choice, and I highly recommend going there for a glass of wine in Kefalonia.

The staff was very kind and knowledgeable. We tried several wines from all over Greece paired with fresh local food.

king fish in kefalonian style at oinops wine bar

greek goat

Again, we hate crowded, so here are some beaches we recommend:



Kefalonia is a big island, so you’ll need a few days (or more) to explore it. Make sure to rent a car (especially if you want to go to the ‘harder to reach’ beaches).

We really loved the are around the village of Zola. Even in the middle of August we were alone, in a beautiful sandy beach.

Francesco checking the island map

view on the gulf of zola in kefalonia

francini beach

Vouti beach in kefalonia

You can have a fantastic lunch in a fish tavern at Zola (book your fish or lobster in the morning), enjoy the Francini beach around it, or even rent a small boat to reach the secluded beach of Fteri.

The home made wine at this restaurant, was definitely the best local wine we tried in Kefalonia.

Kefalonia fish tavern in Zola Y Kaliba toy psara

On the east coast, we went to Antisamos beach. It was really beautiful, but definitely more touristic.

Antisamos beach

Near Samos/Antisamos we visited the Melissani cave, and its beautiful fresh water lake. Very touristic, but it’s worth going anyways. The atmosphere inside the grotto resemble the inferno of Dante. The blue of the lake pulls you into a dream-like experience.

The Melissani cave inside

Melissani cave fresh water

Kiryaki beach Kefalonia near the fish tavern in Zola

kefalonia sunset at francini beach

kefalonia susnset from farsa bay

The port of Sami, where we took the boat to Zante, when we left Kefalonia at sunrise:

kefalonia port of sami