Frankfurt – scents of Riesling

October 4, 2016
Mittelrheinischer Meister the adoration of Magi 1523

Frankfurt is a very international city, that offers many opportunities to discover new wines, scents and traditional food from all over the world.

One out of many options that you have on a beautiful September day in Frankfurt, is to take a bike ride along the Main river.

Frankfurt view from the Main river

The Städel Museum has a incredible collection of European paintings from the 14th century onward. The beauty of this collection will drag you into a dream. Walking through the galleries is an experience that is very similar to when you remember a dream, for a few seconds, before being woken up.

Max Beckmann the synagogue in Frankfurt 1919

Hans Baldung the nativity 1530

You can pair this experience with one of the Germany’s dry Riesling white wines.

We tried this Rheingau / Winkler Dachsberg. An intense, but delicate scent of saffron, raspberry and fresh white flowers. A dry and unusual taste, that brings you back in time, to the different scenes that have been painted over the centuries.

Winkeler Dachspberg Riesling Trocken white wine

We brought two more labels home, from the airport shop, and they where good too.

Dry Riesling Trocken white wines are very particular, and perfectly match a spicy, light dish.

We paired one with a Risotto with saffron and scampi, slightly spicy:

Weingut Robert Weil Riesling Kabinett Trocken

We paired it with an artisanal pasta with Peperoni Friggitielli, one of the few fresh vegetables available in September. We made our pasta a bit spicier by adding hot chili pepper.

Peperoni friggitielli

Schloss Johannisberger 2015 Riesling Trocken - Rheingau

Now sipping your German Riesling Trocken, enjoy more beauty from the Städel Museum:

Do you hear the noise of my paintings? Max Beckmann asked his wife in a letter:

Max Beckmann The sound of my paintings 1926

Sandro Botticelli Simonetta Vespucci nymph 1480

Bartolomeo Veneto idealised courtesan 1520

Marc Chagall the holy cabman 1911

Barnaba da Modena - Virgin with child 1367

Franz Von Stuck Adam and Eva 1926

The center of Frankfurt:

Center of Frankfurt