Electric Blue: Lefkada

August 26, 2016
Blue of Lefkada

Lefkada is an Ionic Greek island with electric blue opaque water, forest green mountains and a unique cuisine.

The roads are quite dangerous, however, they will take you to some of the most amazing Mediterranean beaches.

Best Beaches in Lefkada:

Milos Beach

Milos beach Lefkada

Kavalikefta beach

Lefkada Kavalikefta beach

Electric blue of lefkada sea

Megali petra beach

The blue waves of Lefkada

Sunset at Lefkada Megali Petra beach

Sunset at Megali Petra Lefkada

Sunset on the ionian sea

We stayed in the mountains, in Chortata, so we had a great view of the sea. Arguably the best part of this area of the island is the restaurant t’Aloni, which we ate at every night.

The food there was high quality, fresh and  had a creative spin on traditional dishes. The chef, Theodoros, is known around Greece for his slow cooking dishes,ex. his chick peas and lentils.

View from t’Aloni, Chortata

View from t'Aloni Lefkada

Lefkadian lentils at t’Aloni

Lefkada lentils at T Aloni restaurant in Chortata

BBQ style aubergine

Lefkada food bbq style aubergine

The most amazing chickpeas ever, slow cooking recipe at t’Aloni

Chickpeas slow cooking at t aloni restaurant Lefkada

Greek salad at t Aloni restaurant in Lefkada

Wines from Lefkada:

We discovered some great wines on Lefkada, made by very small producers, with a particular variety of grapes called Vertzemi:

Lefkada white gold wine made of Vertzami grapes

We also decided to pair the amazing colours of Lefkada’s sunset with a very particular rosè wine from south Peloponnese:

Theopetra Estate greek wine

Sunset in Lefkada

This is an island not to be missed, especially if you are interested in wild and rustic island life and beautiful (but wavy) beaches. Add this island to your bucket list.

There are a lot of cypress trees, which are not common in other greek islands. The result is beautiful:

Lefkada ioanian cypress trees

Leaving Lefkada with the ferry boat for Kefalonia, our second stop of the Ionian islands:

Ferry boat Lefkada to Kefalonia