Celebrate Crete

June 18, 2016
stefanou beach crete

This past week we were in Crete for a wedding. Needless to say the wedding was nothing short of amazing and aside from all of the wedding festivities and food, we did have a chance to explore Crete.

This was our second time on Crete, but this time we had an especially authentic experience being invited to a Cretan wedding.

wedding in crete

Wedding at the chapel

sunset at wedding in crete

Cretan wedding venue at sunset

crete highway west coast

Since Crete is the largest Greek island, sometimes you can forget that you’re on an island because there are so many villages with Chania and Heraklion being cities.

Other than the wedding activities, we spent this trip exploring small villages along the whole west coast of the island.

kedrodasos beach crete

Kedrodasos beach


Each and every place we went to was breathtakingly beautiful and had its own curiosities.

almyrida view crete

Almyrida, Crete at sunset

goats in crete

beaches of crete

Kedrodasos beach

Kedrodasos beach

Some of our favourite places include: Falasarna, Almyrida, Elafonissi, Kedrodasos, Kissamos and Marathi.

heraklion watermelon truck

marathi beach crete

After discussing the topic of wine with many locals, we found that (our favourite) white wine typical of Crete is made from the Moscato grape. We tried many, and loved how it paired well with fish and fresh, local vegetables. Unlike a sweet Italian Moscato, it’s dry but fruity (dried fruits) and has an intense golden-yellow colour.

We Recommend:


Silva, Moscato white

For dinner:

The best dinner we had in Crete was at the Marathi beach in a restaurant called  Patrelantonis Fish Tavern. It’s about a 20 min drive from the Chania Airport.

We ordered many typical ‘mezes’ like sardines, stuffed zucchini flowers, greek yogurt, fried goat cheese, greek and seafood salads.


silva wine crete

greek food stuffed zucchini

The great thing about food in Crete (and Greece in general), is that the ingredients like vegetables and cheese are fresh and really compliment the relaxed, seaside lifestyle.

Must See Beaches

  • Elafonissi
  • Kedrodasos
  • Stefanou Beach
  • Balos

Stefanou Beach

Stefanou Beach

elafonissi beach

Elafonissi beach

crete kedrodasos beach

Kedrodasos beach

Crete is such a big island, filled with so many amazing beaches and villages, you cannot experience it all in just one trip. This was our 2nd time, and we are already planning on going again this summer to explore the southern part of Crete.

And don’t let us forget, the Cretan wedding was beautiful! The wedding we went to was on a beach near Heraklion, and it was an intimate, 300 to 350 people. The traditional dances and food were amazing. If you ever get the chance to go to a Cretan (or even Greek) wedding, consider yourself lucky! đŸ™‚

bakery in chania crete


Koroniotakis Eleftherios bakery in Chania is (in our opinion) the best bakery. Our favourite is their cinnamon cookies, we’ve been all around Greece and have never had better cookies than the ones this bakery makes.

It’s located at 145 Kydonias Avenue in Chania, Crete.