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On Etna – Volcanic Vines

By on April 1, 2017
Christina and our guide andrea hiking on the lava at 2500 m height in etna

We spent a day hiking up the side of Etna. In retrospect, it wasn’t safe – and probably not allowed. We were 30 meters from the lava that was spewing out and then cooling into rock.
We later realized that hiking Etna in the spring, is the most dangerous season because that’s when the lava can touch the snow, boil the water underneath, and create an explosion. However, it was amazing to see… once.

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Wine Horoscope – Autumn 2016

By on September 25, 2016
Versavino horoscope fall 2016

Since the autumn equinox is officially behind us, what better time than now to read your Wine Horoscope – Autumn 2016?! Read on to see if your horoscope this fall matches a wine from Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Germany or Portugal.

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