A Hidden Gem in Florence

August 23, 2015
gelateria della passera firenze

Anyone who has ever visited Florence knows that the city is over flowing with Gelaterias. At every corner there is at least three gelato shops claiming to have the best in town. With so many options, it’s hard to actually find the ‘best’ gelato in Florence, fortunately, I have finally found it!

After 34 years of living in Florence and eating countless gelati, my favourite shop thus far is Gelateria della Passera. The shop is located in the heart of Florence in a small piazza called Piazza della Passera. The name Passera in Florentine can be considered a funny/dirty word, allowing the atmosphere of this square to be light-hearted and laid-back. The shop is tucked in a corner between a bar and a restaurant, you could easily miss it if you walk too quickly through the piazza. The piazza is only a short walk away from the infamous Ponte Vecchio and Palazzo Pitti.


We recommend:


  • Pistacchio –  I don’t usually love pistachio flavoured things but this gelato is on another level! No other pistachio gelato could ever compare.
  • Cassata – This flavour stays true to traditional Sicilian Cassata, it’s creamy but not too sweet.
  • Gianduia – hazelnut and milk chocolate, this flavour hails from northern Italy and is a nice change from traditional milk chocolate.

Let us know your favourite gelato shops in Florence (or around the world)!