Apéritif in Québec

January 3, 2016
Downtown quebec city shops

In Québec, similar to many other provinces in Canada, you can buy wine only in specific stores that are licensed by the relevant province (in Québec they are called SAQ, in Ontario LCBO) .

We love aperitivo, apéritif, appetizer, or whatever you would like to call it. Here is how we set up one nice aperitivo, in Québec City:

we went to the “Marché du Vieux-Port de Québec“, and bought some very good local goat cheese. We also got some macarones, and  delicious pure maple butter.

Quebec special goat cheese

Quebec’s typical goat cheese.

Then, we went to a local grocery store (Metro), not in the very center but nearby the Marché, where we bought shrimps and cocktail sauce. We also purchased some bread, crisps and a seafood salad made of lobster and crab.

We also had delicious home-made spicy salame, but that would be hard to find, unless you know any ‘OG’ Italians that are still making it with the old-school method.

Home made italian spicy salame

Home-made Italian spicy salame.


We recommend for apéritif in Québec

Québec City is a very touristic place, and you can buy wine only in the SAQ shops. The SAQ in 400 Bd Jean Lesage, is bigger and cheaper compared to the SAQ in the very center (near Château Frontenac).

We decided to pair our aperitivo, with a Bordeaux, Château Loudenne Médoc Cru Bourgeois 2010 ($28CAD) and a Spanish Cava, sparkling wine, Segura Viudas Brut Reserva (15$CAD).

Quebec cheese paired with bordeaux, and Spanish cava paired with macaroons

Quebec cheese paired with bordeaux, and Spanish cava paired with macaroons.

The Bordeaux was not very tannic, pretty well balanced and perfectly matched the goat cheese and the Italian salame.

The Cava, fresh and mineral, with thick bubbles was a good pair for the spicy shrimps and the macaroons.

We enjoyed these pairings, especially after a long walk through the old city and across the St. Lawrence river. There’s not very much to see on the other bank of the river in Lévis, but the views from the ferry boat ride are well worth the few dollars that we paid for the ticket.

St Lawrence river ferry Quebec city to Levis

St Lawrence river ferry from Quebec City to Levis.

It’s not crowded, it’s not touristic, and you get to see the most amazing view of the Château Frontenac. Go at sunset, it’s wonderful.

View on Chateau Frontenac from Ferry st lawrence river

View of the Chateau Frontenac from the ferry on the st lawrence river